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 Health Services


Two Hills Health Care Centre

​4401-53 Avenue

Two Hills, AB

T0B 4K0.

Phone: (780) 657-3344

Home Care/Public Health     Phone: 780-657-3361


Two Hills Medical Clinic

Walk in clinic 9:00am

Two Hills Physiotherapy

5019-51 Street

Phone: (780) 657-3337


Myrnam Health Centre & Home Care

Located within the lodge:

4401-53 Avenue

Monday and Friday afternoons 

only by appointment 

Phone: (780) 366-3873


Willingdon Medical Clinic

Located within the lodge:

5303-49 Street

Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am-12:00pm.

Only by appointments 

Phone: (780) 367-2374


Vegreville Health Care Centre

4318-50 Street

Vegreville, AB

T9C 1R0 


Phone: (780) 632-3331


Mental Health Services

Vegreville Mental Health

5318-50 Street

Phone: 780-632-2714

St. Therese-St.Paul Mental Health

4713-48 Ave

Phone: 780-645-1850

Addiction Services

Veg Al-Drug Society

      4809 50 Street

Phone: 780-632-6617

St.Paul Provincial Building

      5025 49 Ave #116

Phone: 780-645-3396

Lakeland Primary Care Network

Office: 4819-39st St.Paul

Phone: 780-645-1188

The Lakeland PCN strives to provide access to a range of basic health services. We also identify local needs and work to provide emhanced care to better meet these needs.

Alberta Healthy Living Program

Offers health and nutrition session and workshops in our local area.

Phone: (Toll free) 1 (877) 314-6997

Clinical Dietician

Individual counselling for health and nutrition concerns, must be referred by your doctor.

Phone: (780) 657-3344

Crisis Association of st.paul

An emergency shelter for abused women with or without children and for other women in crisis. We offer crisis intervention counselling, short term emergency accommodation and referrals.

Phone: (780) 645-5132

24 Hour Crisis Line

Crisis workers refer callers in a variety of crisis situations to many different programs and services.

Phone: 1 (866) 594-0533


(non emergency) Ambulance Office

5109-46 Street

Phone: (780) 657-3459

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